ROOK Flash Hider (.223/5.56)

ROOK Flash Hider (.223/5.56)

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The Rook Flash Hider is as innovative as it is effective. The unique design eliminates muzzle flash, is easy to install and is available for either .223Cal or .300 Blackout.

  • Unique design eliminates muzzle flash
  • Available with 1/2x28 or 5/8x24 threads
  • Tri prong design eliminates need for crush washer or timing
  • Does not make an audible “ping” when shooting
  • For .223/5.56 or .300 BLKOUT
  • Melonited Steel construction

Like all Seekins Precision products, the Rook Flash Hider far surpasses standard products. The unique, tri prong design swirls hot gases immediately as they exit the muzzle, extinguishing the flame to eliminate the visible flash. Built for hard use, the prongs are precision machined from steel then melonited to increase durability. Melonited steel also makes cleaning easy, because carbon fouling does not adhere as well to the coating as it does other finishes. The design is engineered to eliminate the audible “ping” often associated with this configuration.

The non-symmetrical design eliminates the need for it to be timed, making installation simple and hassle free. No crush or peel washers are necessary, nor special tools are required. Flats machined at the rear of the Rook Flash Hider will accommodate a number of wrench styles that are readily available.

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