Adjustable Hand forming AR-15 Grip

Adjustable Hand forming AR-15 Grip

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The New Unique-Grip!

For a customizable, comfortable, secure grip on your AR platform rifle. 

Grip – Lock – Fire!

Grip installation instructions

      1.Make sure weapon is unloaded.


  1. Remove upper receiver from the weapon and turn lower receiver upside-down.


  1. Using armory guidelines, remove existing grip from weapon making sure not to lose selector spring that will be exposed when the grip is removed.


  1. Remove selector spring from the old grip and insert into Unique-Grips.  A small dab of grease on in the spring hole can help keep the spring retained in the Grip.


  1. Slip Unique-Grip onto lower receiver use D-ring on Unique-grip to lightly tighten the bolt onto receiver making sure that selector spring slides into detent hole.


  1. Once the Unique-Grips bolt is lightly tightened squeeze grip to form comfortable shape for your hand.  Tighten bolt until grip retains desired shape. This step can be repeated until the Unique-Grip is a perfect fit for you.


  1. A couple of extra turns with a screwdriver will ensure grip does not change shapes.  Don’t over tighten damage to receiver may occur.


  1. Test function of the selector after installation prior to test firing.


  1. Test fire the weapon prior to use in operational environments.


  1.  Enjoy a completely custom Unique-Grip

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